Meanings Behind Motorcycle Vest Patches

Like most things in the motorcycle riding world, there are rules and regulations when it comes to motorcycle vest patches. Each patch has its own meaning, either for the individual or to the club or association he belongs to. Aside from these patches, which can be designed however the club or association sees fit and with whatever materials are handy, there are also a number of widely used vest patches that symbolized a biker’s ethnicity, home state, etc.

 Motorcycle Vest Patches

These patches are used not only for self-expression, but also, in the small community of outlaw bikers, to distinguish different groups. While law-abiding bikers and outlaw bikers might use the same patches, those who live outside the law will normally cut their patches into three pieces before affixing them to their vest, as an indication that they do not abide by the rules of society. In addition, most outlaw biker clubs will wear a patch with the 1% on it, to represent that they are part of the one-percent of bikers who consider themselves outlaws, rather than hobbyist riders.


A crescent, either above or below another patch indicates a lover of rock and roll music or a biker who is also a musician. In some situations, this patch can be taken out of context, to indicate an outlaw biker, but in its essence, it simply means that the wearer loves music.


The other 99% of riders wear patches simply to show their affiliation with the American Motorcycle Association, among a number of other distinctions. For example, a 9 or 934 patch shows that the biker is at least part American Indian. Flags are used to show either the state or country the club originates from, also an indication of nationality or ethnicity.


One of the most common symbols on a biker’s vest will be the ace of spades. This patch represents the biker’s willingness to fight for their club or their country. Because many legitimate biker clubs are involved in community issues, it could also stand for a willingness to fight to the death to protect those affected by domestic violence or abuse.


A wing patch is also common, and can have many different meanings. Among biker groups that abide by the law, a wing patch will usually denote some sort of special achievement, though what that achievement could be varies from person to person and club to club. In some of the more extreme associations, wings denote a criminal or sexual achievement, with different colors indicating different kinds of acts.


The skull and crossbones can also have varying meanings, depending on the club itself. In that 99% of legitimate clubs, it shows that the wearer has escaped a near-death situation.

More than just Transportation, Motorcycles are a Lifestyle

As many motorcycle enthusiasts will suggest, living a biker lifestyle and traveling on a motorcycle can be one of the most exhilarating and exciting experiences that you can have in your entire life. Motorcycles are beautiful machines and they can carry a number of great benefits especially if you are willing to travel over extended periods on one. Just as it’s portrayed in films like easy Rider, the biker lifestyle can be fun, full of freedom and extremely carefree especially if you know how to do simple repairs and prepare for a long-distance journey. Here are some of the top benefits that you can experience as a new motorcycle enthusiast living the biker lifestyle and riding your bike long-distance.

Biker Lifestyle

1. The ultimate fuel savings: over long-distance journeys you can see some real gas savings when you use a motorcycle. This means more freedom and a much further reach on any road trip you decide to take. You can get up to 30 miles per gallon with some of the top performance bikes and bikes that have smaller engines which were billed for fuel economy can sometimes even experience  triple digit fuel economy. This can make your road trip whole lot cheaper.

2. You don’t have to worry about parking anywhere: with just a small garage you can easily fit three or four bikes or take up just one parking space for event parking or any store you happen to stop that along the way. Because you don’t have to spend as much time looking around for parking spaces, and because you can simply park with other bikers a bike is a great space saver.

3. Very low entry fee: you can pickup a used bike far cheaper than you can I used car and in many cases even a low-end motorcycle can outperform nearly any used car that you would purchase. This means that you get a fast ride for the price of a very plain used-car.

4. Maintenance is fairly straightforward: cars are taking on a whole new digital frontier and they’re becoming much more difficult to work on and service. With motorcycles body and paint work is a breeze and most of the engine components are out in the open for easy repairs and maintenance.

Biker Singles Take Advantage of Biker Dating Websites

Like all other groups and communities, bikers have their own characteristics and personalities. Since many individuals recognize the fact that their love for motorcycles is unique and it can be really hard to find a partner that shares this particular hobby, numerous biker personals websites have been created to help bikers get connected much easier. Biker dating is becoming increasingly more popular and many websites are being developed for this particular matter. Biker singles can now take advantage of the various biker dating websites to get in touch virtually with other bikers and start all kind of different conversations.

Biker Dating and Personals Website

Some particular websites allow bikers to start and develop some particular discussions in which the communication between the two parties runs naturally and without any awkward moments. Regardless if your are a Harley-Davidson lover, or you may be more attracted to Kawasaki motorcycles, you will be able to find a website that will offer you the opportunity to communicate with all those that share your passion. Many biker singles live with the wrong impression that riding solo on the open roads is the most beautiful feeling that they can experience in this life. However, this is not true at all.

Some particular biker personals have already proven to be successful and have helped the individuals in case to discover parts of their inner life that they did not know they possessed. You do not have to talk about some complicated subjects that might make you feel uncomfortable when you are entering a biker dating websites, since everybody with a love for motorcycles will understand your thoughts and ideas clearly. It can be really easy to find your love partner on such websites as well, since many people from both genders share the same love and ideas about motorcycles.

Considering that 1 out of 10 people that are surfing the internet in the present days is looking for a romantic date, it is no surprise that online dating has exploded in the beginning of the XXI century. Different kind of hobbies and interests have united people from all corners of the world, and numerous relationships have developed from here. The number of biker personals is still relatively small compared to other passions that include online websites, but more and more biker singles are being attracted by the online world in the hope that they can find a romantic partner.

However, you need to know that there are some negative sides included in the biker dating websites as well. For example, not all individuals that register on these particular websites are bikers or motorcycle lovers, so you need to spend some time before you find the right person. Even though it is completely free to join such a website, you still have to perform various tasks once you have reached a particular forum in order to obtain access to all available features. Once you join a biker dating website, you will be able to create your own profile, share pictures and information and express your character freely.