Top Three Motorcycle Rides in the US

There’s some special about traversing the country by motorcycle. Unlike a car, plane, or train, riding a motorcycle across the United States evokes a feeling of being completely free. Whether you are looking for a great weekend ride or planning you cross-country adventure, there are some rides you just don’t want to miss.

There are plenty of great places to ride in the US, but if you are looking for the very best that North America has to offer to you and your motorcycle, look no further. These are the top three motorcycle rides in the US, ranked by the scenery and the road itself.

Best Motorcycle Roads in the USA

3.      Needles Highway in Black Hills, South Dakota – This highway has, by far, the best scenery in the United States. Names for the needle-like mountains that surround the road like an ancient stone wall, the highway has plenty of great vistas. The forests that are sprinkled among the needles is green and lush, and plays home to hundreds of animals, many of whom can be seen from the road. Right from your bike, you can see bison, deer, antelope, and even the occasional wolf. No need to worry—they know the dangers of the road and will give you your space. Besides the wildlife and the majestic granite needles, the road itself has two granite tunnels, created by dynamite, to take your right through the belly of the mountains.


2.      Tail of the Dragon in Deal’s Gap, North Carolina – This road is the self-proclaimed best motorcycle road, and for good reason. It touts eleven miles of curves, ridges, and valleys that make for one of the most exciting rides in the States. Plus, it’s got a cool name. The Tail of the Dragon takes you along a national park, and the deep, North Carolina woods creep up close to the road, making it a refreshing, as well as exhilarating ride. If you are looking for a little more intrigue, you can always check out the “Tree of Shame;” a collection of bike parts from those who were not equipped to handle the twists of the road, hung on a tree.

The Twisted Sisters in Texas – It is difficult to pick just one ride in the US to hold the title of best motorcycle ride, but if you have ever ridden all 131 miles of this wicked highway, you know why it’s the best of the best. Though most of Texas is comprised straight roads across flat plains, the Twisted Sisters twist along rivers, through mountains, and give riders a great view of authentic cowboy-esque cattle ranches. The rivers are stocked with plenty of delicious fish if you want to skip the roadhouse. You might even spot an alligator while you’re picking up your dinner! The real draw of this road, however, is the meandering, twisty nature of the asphalt and the all-American views.

What to Choose for an Entry-Level Motorcycle

If you are interested in finding a bike that will suit your standards as a beginner rider it’s very important to look at a number of different factors when picking your first entry-level motorcycle. Most people are very excited to ride when they are picking up their very first motorcycle and they don’t consider some of the safety features and necessities that might be required for beginner riders to have a bike that’s easy to control and comfortable to ride.

entry level motorcycle

A motorcycle can give us access to a certain lifestyle and most beginner riders may be instantly thinking about the amount of power that they can get out of a bike, or buying a bike that they can hold onto for a long time. Usually when you’re buying your first motorcycle it’s a good idea to look at something a little more inexpensive and something that’s easily controlled with a bit less power.

There are many motorcycle riders who would scoff that someone purchasing a motorcycle with around 600 CC’s for an engine. Stating that it won’t be able to keep up with more experienced riders and their thousand cc bikes. However this type of thinking really won’t get you anywhere as a beginner rider. When you start to look at sport bikes it’s important to consider that these are designed for more experienced riders and generally although they may be able to accelerate a bit faster than you will, a 600 CC bike is more than capable of keeping legal speeds with some of these faster bikes. It may not be quite as big to handle long trips but without this extra girth it also makes it much easier to learn how to ride on and handle.

Looking into a bike with anywhere from 600CC- 750CC for a first motorcycle is usually good entry-level range. It is important to consider that it is your first bike and not one that you need to hold onto for a lifetime. Buying used is never a bad idea as there is always a good chance that you could potentially lay down your bike within the first few years of riding it. Inexperience can unfortunately lead to accidents and that’s why it’s so important to take safety training seriously and always wear all of your gear when you go for a ride.

Remember that feel is important so don’t be afraid to try a few different bikes until you find one that feels right for you. Look for power that’s manageable and a decent weight. As always be careful and practice often so that you can learn how to ride with confidence and safety. 

How to Properly Wash Your Motorcycle with Some Easy Steps

Winter will be over soon, so all motorcycle drivers need to take their bikes out of the garage and get them ready for the road. Before you can even start checking the fluids and tires, you need to learn how to properly wash your motorcycle in some easy steps. Having the right tools is the key to any project, so here is a quick overview of what you are going to need to wash your motorcycle properly. First of all, you will need to buckets. One bucket should contain the soapy water that will be applied to the bike, while the other bucket is for clean water that you will use to clean the dirty tools.

How to wash your motorcycle

The cleaning products should contain soaps, wheel cleaners, all-purpose cleaner, various assortments of different brushes for the engine and the wheels, and air box cover and exhaust plug to make sure that water does not get into any places you do not want it. After placing the motorcycle on the stand, the next step that you need to take would be to check the condition of the bike for sensitive areas and to decide what level of cleaning is necessary.

On many bikes, the seat can be removed very easily, so try to do this in order to clean it separately from the bike. Next, remove the air filter cover and the filter itself to avoid getting it wet during the wash. Afterwards, install the air box safety cover and secure it in place. Much the same as an engine detail, uncovering the sensitive electrical areas with extra towels and plastic baggies to minimize any heavy water saturation is very important, since the seat has been removed. The next step will be to grab your pressure washer and eliminate all the dirt from your bike so as to make it ready for the soapy water. Always work from top to bottom, and lean the bike over to get completely underneath.

Remember, the more you remove now, the easier it will be to avoid any scratches later. In order to make sure that you eliminate all the dirt and obtain a wonderful shining bike, you will have to use a stronger version of car soap in your foam gun. Do your best to utilize water pressure, foam guns and cleaning solutions to minimize the scrubbing necessary and to avoid the typical scratches that commonly occur on motorcycles.

Now take a soft towel and the two buckets and begin washing the bike from top to bottom, rinsing the towel frequently. As you get into smaller or tighter areas on the bike, use a toothbrush and wheel cleaning tools to remove the mud properly. For areas that need extra help, you will have to use an all-purpose cleaner to help release the grease. Now you will have to continue with the wheels and clean each spoke properly by gently spinning the rim by hand. After you have finished washing the bike, place the seat and air filter back on the motorcycle and let it dry out completely.