Looking for Advice on Starting Up a Motorcycle Club

We received an email from a biker in Australia about starting a motorcycle club so we thought we’d ask club members for any advice they can provide. Peter wrote us the following regarding the startup of a motorcycle club…

“I’m keen to start a motorcycle club in Adelaide South Australia. Simply we want a club consisting of mature professional men that live a clean cut life, and want to give something back to the community. However, I’m not a serving police officer nor are my friends. I am of greek descent and have given considerable thought to starting a club known as SPARTANS MC. I can appreciate the benefits of being aligned to a club consisting of decent guys.”

If any of you has information for Peter and his friends to help them start up a new motorcycle club, please post them here on our blog. Let’s get them started in the right direction so they can enjoy and spread the brotherhood of bikers and the motorcycle community.