Summer Motorcycle Gear Deals and Specials

Now that the riding season is fully under way, you may find yourself needing to replace an old, worn out piece of riding equipment with some brand new motorcycle gear. With these Summer Deals and Sales on motorcycle parts and apparel, you won’t need to empty your wallet gearing up. Motorcycle Saddlebags Deal of the Week

Closeout Motorcycle Boots

Viking Motorcycle Bags Sturgis Sale

Viking Bags Annual Sturgis Sale

Since Sturgis is right around the corner, we’ve launching our longest sale of the year. From now until August 17th, we’re going to be hosting our annual Sturgis sale. You’ll be able to take advantage of our great prices and get an additional 10% off as well. You still have time to order before you leave and you’ll also have time to order after you come back. Enjoy your trip and we’ll see you there!

From now until August 17th 11:59 PM PST, you’ll be able to take advantage of a discount of 5% by using our promo code: STURGIS.

Helmet City Clearance Motorcycle Gear


Fox Creek Leather Motorcycle Gear Clearance Sale!

These items include unclaimed custom orders, odd sized items, older items we’ve had in stock for a long time, or mislabled products. These items are priced to sell and are only available while supplies last. Pictures available upon request. Read below for our current list of available items.

Please Note: All Clearance Sale items are returnable if they do not fit; however, the customer is responsible for all return shipping fees. Due to the drastic reduction of these items there will be a 20% restocking fee on any returned item from the Clearance Sale. If you have any questions about any of the items below, please contact us.


Men’s Lined Motorcycle Chaps Was $282.00
Size: XS $119.00

Used. Chaps measurements Waist-27-32, Thigh-18.5, Outseam-37 Over 50% off!


Women’s 3 Snap Classic Motorcycle Vest Was $102.00
Size: XXS $55.00
Size: XS $55.00

This will fit a woman or girl with the following measurements: XXS is 31″ bust, 26″ waist, 17″ down the back. The XS is 32″ bust, 27.5″ waist and 17.5″ down the back. Over 45% off


Women’s 3 Snap Laced Motorcycle Vest Was $130.00
Size: XS $66.00

Will fit a woman or girl up to 32-33″ bust, 28-29″ waist. Measures 17.5″ down the back. Over 50% off


Women’s Riding Jacket Was $372.00
Size: XS $199.00

Over 45% off!


Women’s Braid & Dime Two-tone Vest Was $162.00
Size: XS $69.00

Will fit a woman or girl up to a 33″ bust, 30″ waist and it measures 20″ down the back body length. Over 55% off!


Women’s Classic Motorcycle Vest Was $120.00
Size: M $90.00

Made with genuine Buffalo Nickel Snaps. 25% off!


Women’s Reflector Jacket Was $464.00
Size: M long $299.00
Size: L long $299.00

Hidden front pockets. Reflective piping goes down the front chest to waist and down the back. Over 35% off


Women’s Sample Vest Was $110.00
Size: L $69.00

Two outside slant snap pockets, solid sides and two inside pockets. Will fit up to a 38″ bust, measures 20″ down the back body. Over 35% off


Men’s Leather Jean Jacket Was $462.00
Size: 60 $199.00

Discontinued style. Over 55% off


Women’s Sample Vest Was $120.00
Size: M $79.00
Size: L $79.00

Two outside zipper pockets and two inside pockets. Over 30% off


Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Was $508.20
Size: 48 $399.00

There are small blemishes in the leather on the back panel. Save over 20%


Milwaukee Ladies Afterburner Was $100.00
Size: 7.5 $50.00

These have been bought and returned. 50% off


Sportster Saddlebags Was $292.00
Size: na $204.00

NO YOKE. Quick Release Buckles. 30% off


Large Straight Saddlebags Was $339.00
Size: na $237.00

WITH YOKE. Quick release buckles. D-rings. 30% off


Men’s Lined Motorcycle Chaps Was $312.00
Size: XL $280.00

Will fit: Waist 40-46, Thigh 26, Outseam 42. Has 2 zippered pockets.


Men’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $248.00
Size: S $223.00

Will fit: Waist 29-34.5, Thigh 21, Outseam 41.5. Has one right zippered pocket.


Men’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $290.00
Size: M $261.00

Will fit: Waist 32.5-38, Thigh 22, Outseam 41.50. Braided yoke. Has two snap pockets. 10% off.


Men’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $418.60
Size: 4X $376.00

Will fit: Waist 46-52, Thigh 29, Outseam 41. Two snap pockets.


Men’s Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $305.20
Size: 2X/5X $274.00

Combo size XXL waist, XXXXXL Thigh. Tagged as a XXXXL. Chaps measure: Waist 43.5-49″, Thigh 30″, Outseam 42.5″ 10%off!


Men’s Leather Rebel Vest Was $249.00
Size: 46 $209.00

Made with the sunglasses slit in left chest pocket. Does not have front snaps, only zipper.


Classic Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $207.90
Size: XS Long $187.00

Will fit: Waist 26-31.5″, Thigh 19.5″, Outseam 44″ 10% off!


Men’s Zippered Touring Vest Was $229.00
Size: 48L $184.00

Made with laced sides. 20% off


Men’s Leather Flight Jacket Was $538.00
Size: XXL $355.00

Made in BROWN leather. 34% off


Men’s Leather Blazer Was $368.50
Size: 52 $221.00

40% off! Will fit a chest up to 52″


Men’s Leather Rebel Vest Was $209.00
Size: 40 $188.00

Size 40, but tagged as a 42. LACED sides.


Men’s Buffalo Nickel Vest Was $189.60
Size: 52 Long $170.00

Slightly used. 10% off


Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket I Was $530.20
Size: 42 Long $477.00

Slightly used. No liner. 10% off.


Men’s Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps Was $263.00
Size: XL $263.00

*1.6-1.8 Leather *Black Snaps * Gunmetal Buckle. Will fit a waist of 39-45″ Thigh 26″ and Outseam of 43″ 10% off!


Men’s Build Your Own Motorcycle Chaps Was $263.00
Size: XL $237.00

*1.6-1.8 Leather *Black Snaps * Gunmetal Buckle. Will fit a waist of 39-45″ Thigh 26″ and Outseam of 43″ 10% off!


Men’s Classic Motorcycle Jacket II Was $508.20
Size: 48 $406.00

USED. 20% off!


Classic Leather Motorcycle Chaps Was $189.00
Size: XL $160.00

Slightly used. Will fit a waist of 37-43″ Thigh 26″ Outseam 42.5″ 15% off!



Cast Stone Motorcycle Sculpture Art by Randall Zadar

Original cast stone motorcycle sculptures by Sculptor Randall Zadar. Display indoors or out. Hand-cast and hand-finished. Made in USA. Display in your yard, garden, home, garage or office using a built-in hook. Makes a great gift for anyone who loves motorcycles. The dimensions are: 8” x 5” x ¾”, weighs 2.5 pounds. Commissions are available to clubs or businesses.

cast stone motorcycle sculptures$28.00 plus $6.50 shipping

Order on-line at or by calling 440-878-1474.
[email protected] 

Motorcycle Tire Inspection and Maintenance Procedures

Regular motorcycle inspection and maintenance is essential to keeping your bike working properly and to catching any small problems before they become big problems. Especially if you are about to depart on a long motorcycle trip, it is essential that you go over every inch of your bike and make sure that everything is tuned up and that there are no small problems that could potentially become serious issues as your ride. To make sure that your bike is in 100% perfect working order, let’s start from the bottom.


motorcycle tire care and maintenance

Your tires, as the only part of the bike that should ever touch the road, are vitally important. You already know that tires wear down as your ride, but did you also know that they can age significantly in the sun? Unless you keep your bike covered on sun days, you’ve probably seen your tires become bleached and even cracked in the sun.


Before getting on your bike, look at your tires. Is there plenty of tread? Are they worn down? Is there any visible sign of damage? Check your tire pressure and give them an extra boost of air if they are low. Doing this before every ride will make sure you don’t have any trouble with one of your bike’s most important parts.


While some high tech bikes may have a dial that will check tire pressure for you, the best way to know that you have the right PSI is to check it manually. If you don’t have a pressure gauge, borrow one or purchase one from an automotive supply store.


There will be a valve on the tire where you can add air or let it out, usually with a screw-on cap. Take off the cap and press the mouth of the gauge against the valve firmly. If the reading seems particularly high or low, check it again. Most tires will have the recommended PSI either imprinted on the tire. If it is not, check your bike’s owner’s manual.


If your tires are underinflated, take it to a garage or gas station where they have an air pump. Use the compressed air to fill the tires, continually checking them with the gauge until you have the right pressure. If you overfill them, you can use the gauge to bleed away excess air.


Tread is essential to proper motorcycle operation in the best and worst of weather. A bald tire can make even a small puddle on the tarmac dangerous. To check your tread, take a quarter and place it into the tread. If there is enough depth that the top of Washington’s head is covered, you are good to go. If not, it is time for new tires.